I Need Your Help Explaining Indiana

August 21, 2012

You’ll have to forgive the jumpy video, because I wanted to do this quickly and get it done before bedtime. (That’s what I said.)

Sky News wants me to explain Indiana to the UK in 90 seconds or less. I’m looking for ideas. Share here or on FB/Twitter. (Anything including the word “fried” may not make the cut; we are past the height of Fair season.) Thanks, as always, Indiana.

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Paul August 22, 2012 at 9:08 pm

Comments so far from FB & Twitter:

Remington A Crowder Purdue, Butler, IU, the Indy 500, the movie “Hoosiers”, not channel 6, and of course corn.

Jack Bryant sit in an indy car…wait for it…in a corn field! then talk about tenderloins for 90 secs.

Lynnette McMahan See opening credits to “The Middle”: a road with corn on one side and beans on the other.

Amber Goin I love bedtime! Also, southern Indiana’s beauty: little Nashville, the architecture in Columbus, brain sculptures in
Bloomington, Raccoon lake, wineries…

Kristina Strinka Frey Cornfield for sure, but also incorporate some good shots of downtown, too. To get across that, you know
“there’s more than corn in Indiana.” Sports for sure – racing, football, college hoops.

Chad Blueher Get the Colts Indy Car from the Super Bowl cars that was on the circle out at the track. Another idea would be to
shoot the spot from the yard of bricks and put the finally by giving them a big smoochie.

Sandy Hodges You should do a really cool video of all things Indiana and it should be extreme. A race car zooming past you on the
track- a colts player tackling someone just before they tackle you-you on the rigging they use to clean the chihuly sculpture at
the children’s museum- zip lining at one of the state parks- water skiing on one of Indiana fine lakes- all while you give cool
trivia type facts – you get the idea- and corn.

Ken Rohrer Things to include (other than the obvious things like the Indy 500): Indiana Amish (Don’t forget Amish Acres), The
Indiana Dunes National and State Parks, movies filmed in Indiana, celebrities from Indiana, food that is better in Indiana
(tenderloin sandwiches for example- oops, I see someone else mentioned tenderloins), and finally, famous art in Indiana.

Paul Poteet Blanket thumbs up/lol’s.BTW: I think Prince Harry should do the video for Nevada.

Greg Cropper · Friends with Jeff Bookout and 1 other
Indiana is the world headquarters for fatty deep fried food and amateur sports. I thought that was common knowledge everywhere.

Dave McIntyre The Blair Poteet Project.

Mike Turner Just downplay any connection we have to Jim Jones, Charles Manson and Michael Jackson.

Ellen McMahan Corn. Race cars. Crazy weather. No beaches. Friendly people.

Justin Howard Corn. Meth. Basketball. But not necessarily in that order.

Ellen McMahan Corn. Corn. Corn. Just say corn 90 times

Kirk Edward Davis Corn. Basketball. The speedway. The state under the state that looks like an oven mit.

Ellen McMahan Don’t forget the Superbowl and the NCAA headquarters thing. Screw it! Just mail them a copy of “Hoosiers”.

Marvetta Darlene Buzzard Bee From the dunes along the lake to the rugged river. From the eastern flatlands to the western hills
that end at the prairie. #explain Indiana

Jamie Cogan That’s what she said.

Tobias Konnersman Our weather is like politics – never makes sense. Done

Tim James Better than London. Nuf said

Kathleen Shaw the race track and Lucas Oil Stadium is a GREAT idea

Toias Konnersman We are part of that country that beat the shit out of you 200+ years ago. . . .

Tim James and for some reason, we are following in your economic footsteps…

Nisha Gupta I came from India (ruled by the British at one point), did my BS, MS, n didn’t get to finish my phd (all at IU) when
I became pregnant with an Indiana native, my sister did her MA n phd in England, so if that qualifies me enough I’d say corn,
NASCAR, trailer parks, Hoosiers, n more corn .. Yup that’s my phd take on it .. Oh u r the most refreshing edumacated (is that
the way it’s said?) sunshine in my day of unpredictable Indiana weather n source of witty humor Paul poteet

Stuart Sullivan Don’t forget the Peru Circus.

Tim James Apparently no one goes to downtown Indy or Fishers or Carmel or Castleton or Fountain Square, etal…

Dave Gibbs The Indy 500, farming industry, new high tech, the cross roads of America – the highways. After the French and Indian
War, before becoming a state, Indiana was part of the Northwest Territories, which became filled with English settlers. They like
nature…at one time, as the saying goes, Indiana was so wooded that a squirrel could go across the state and not touch the ground.

John Cannon Cornfields, soybeans, and hogs occasionally interrupted by cities & civilization! lol

Matt Rust Tenderloins and biscuits and gravy! oh and roundabouts.

Shaune Rene Clark Bridgford Cows, corn & comradery (sp?). Now matter where you’re from, Indiana always feels like home.

Shelly Arens We are fiercely independent but strong in compassion. Hoosiers are dedicated to the service of our country and others in need. We can’t conduct business without first doing “The Hoosier Dance” – a ritual in which we discover and discuss our common connections. We embrace our freedom, love of country, family and all that is good in America. We are not ashamed of a rural culture that permeates our cities because it keeps us grounded and connected.

Suzette Justice Cochran I would definitely film the spot at the track and would include information such as: -The name, “Indiana”, itself means “Land of the Indians” or “Indian Land”, and was the site of the Battle of Tippecanoe , the climactic battle responsible for determining the future of westward expansion and shaping the war of 1812.
-Home of world-renown sports, such as Indianapolis 500 & Indianapolis Colts, as well as world-renown universities, Purdue
University & University of Notre Dame (and Indiana University, I guess).
-Indiana’s significant industrial, agricultural and pharmaceutical contributions to the nation (so much to include with these that it’s difficult to summarize).
Don’t get this native Hoosier to braggin’ on my state because it’s hard for me to stop. 😉

Paul Poteet Medical/bio science stuff around here gets overlooked, I think–I will probably mention that. Roundabouts-maybe not so much Matt:)


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