Indiana’s Weather For Monday

July 9, 2012

If you want puddles today, go south. The attached radar analysis shows Sunday’s storm production of precipitation. Did summer construction season include a dome over I-70? Most of the lightest blue represents just a trace amount, which is what the Indianapolis Airport received. Still just .09″ of an inch since June 1st. It should be 5 1/2 inches by now.

The official total in Bloomington was .27″ of an inch, but look for the red on that chart. Those places were drenched with up to 4 inches. Feast or famine.

The random rain makes for cool pictures from a distance. The latest cumulonimbus shutterbug is Laurie Herbst. I’ve also attached a photo she snapped Sunday, featuring some cool shadows.

The forecast isn’t cool, but it isn’t going to break records, and it isn’t as humid. I have a feeling the 90-ish weather this week won’t feel as hot as it really is. There are signs that the Big Heat could return at the end of July. There are no signs the drought is going to ease.

The final totals on 100 degree scoreboard put us in third place, both for number of days (6) and number of consecutive days (4.) The Dust Bowl Summers of 1936 and 1934 still win gold and silver in both categories. But we *almost* bagged the all-time record Saturday afternoon. The Indy temp was already 101 by noon, but some clouds slowed the march upward by mid-afternoon.

As far as 90 degree days…in that category we are chasing the summer of 1983. As of Monday morning: 23 days at 90 or hotter so far. The average is 15, and the record is 58.

London’s having a very cool and wet summer. Meanwhile, an rainstorm in southern Russia set off floods that killed over 100 Saturday. The storm dumped about 11 inches of rain on the country‚Äôs Black Sea coast.

Lightning CAN strike twice, and one storm can finish the job of another. A weekend storm in my hometown county of Huntington caused a large tree to fall on two houses. Ivestigators say the tree appeared to have been damaged previously by the massive derecho wind storm that originated in northeast Indiana a week ago.

That’s the weather biz. Storms striking twice for some…striking out for others.

The average high today is 85 and the average low is 66. Records are 103 and 52. Sunrise is 6:26 and it sets at 9:15.

9 (Very high.)

Low-medium through Thursday.


Today: Partly sunny. High 90.

Tonight: Mostly clear. Low 66.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 88.

Tuesday Night: Mostly clear. Low 64.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 88.

Wednesday Night: Mostly clear. Low 64.

Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 90.

Thursday Night: Mostly clear. Low 67.

Friday: Partly sunny. High 90.

Friday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 68.

Saturday: Partly cloudy. Slight shower/storm chances. High 89.

Saturday Night: Partly cloudy. Slight shower/storm chances. Low 71.

Sunday: Partly cloudy. Slight shower/storm chances. High 89.

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