Q102-land Evansville Forecast

June 1, 2012

Today: Cloudy morning, with showers moving out of the east part of the listening area. Otherwise: breezy with some clearing in the afternoon. High 68. Winds gusting to 25mph.

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 52.

Saturday: Partly sunny. High 75.

Saturday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 57.

Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 82.

Sunday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 63.

Monday: Partly cloudy, with a slight shower or storm chance. High 85.

Monday Night:  Partly cloudy. Low 64.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 83.

Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 61.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy. High 80.

Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 61.

Thursday: Partly cloudy. High 83.

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