Indiana’s Weather For Wednesday

May 23, 2012

This weather joint is jumping! Temperatures jump back above average today after two almost-exactly-average May days. The temperature jumps even more tomorrow, and the humidity jumps by tomorrow night. By Friday? Just plain humid, and that story sticks (I’m choosing that word carefully) through Memorial Day Weekend.

There might not be any new speed records at the Track this weekend but there will probably be a new weather record.

The all-time top temperature at Indianapolis International on a Race Day is 92 degrees, from 1937. My forecast for this weekend is 94.

Of course, the Race falls on different days every year. So what about the high temp record for May 27 itself? It’s a little high…at 94 degrees, so it may also be tied or broken.

Regardless of records, you’ll get plenty of sun and humidity this holiday weekend. There’s a slight storm chance Friday afternoon and evening as a frontal system approaches and tries to qualify for rain-making. Another precipitation qualification attempt happens Monday afternoon, and should finally succeed Tuesday, knocking the numbers down to the 70s for at least a few days. The overall trend through (at least) the first week in June is hot.

88 in 2011
89 in 2010
86 in 2009

The coolest stretch of years ended about a decade ago. SIX of the top 12 coolest Race Days occurred between 1992 and 2003, including back-to-back Race Days in the 60s in 2000/2001.

The burning question? How long will it stay so hot out West? An ongoing combination of dry weather, high winds, and low humidity will combine to continue extreme fire weather danger across much of the southwestern part of the country through Saturday. Red Flag Warnings persist. Severe weather is possible today in the northern Plains, moving into Wisconsin. This is the system that will *try* to make a move on Indiana later Friday.

The average high today is 75 and the average low is 55. Records are 92 and 37. The sun is up at 6:24 and sets at exactly 9:00.

Our index is up a notch today, to 9, which is “Very High.”

The count should stay in the “Medium-High” range through Saturday, increasing slightly from one day to the next.

Today: Mostly sunny and warmer. High 82.

Tonight: Clear. Low 61.

Thursday: Hot and sunny. Becoming more humid. High 87.

Thursday Night: Mostly clear and muggy. Low 67.

Friday: Partly to mostly sunny, with a slight shower and storm chance in the afternoon. High 89.

Friday Night: Slight chance of showers and storms. Low 71.

Saturday: Mostly sunny, hot and humid. High 92.

Saturday Night: Mostly clear and muggy. Low 72.

Sunday: Mostly sunny, hot and humid. High 94.

Sunday Night: Mostly clear and muggy. Low 72.

Monday: Partly sunny, hot and humid. Slight afternoon storm chance. High 90.

Monday Night: Slight shower and storm chance. Low 70.

Tuesday: Mostly cloudy, with chances of showers and storms. High 79.

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