December 30, 2010

Earthquake stories! Paul was shaken, Tom wasn’t even stirred. The boys reminisce about the earthquake they spent together on television. Tom brought a clip. Paul remembers an earthquake from the 80’s, but doesn’t reference the obvious Eddie Money song.

Follow-up file: listeners bare their Soapy Soles in response to a recent episode. We move from the shower to the toilet, with the recap of Tom’s day as Paul’s plumber. You’ll also discover the latest mishap in an unfortunately busy week for Tom’s daughter.

Tom reveals the ONE moment in his adult life when he might have been happy. It involves his honeymoon. Turns out, it was also his Junk Food/Soft Drink/Weightlifting Turning Point. Bonus: Which is better–Hostess or Little Debby?

“By 9am I’m peeing clear.”
“She gave birth to herself.”
“These products are not food.”
“I thought I’d heard you extol exfoliation.”
“You’re miles and miles away with your head in my toilet.”

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