December 29, 2010

Post image for THE PAUL & TOM SHOW #65

The show starts at the feet, as is often the case. A late-night infomercial tempts Tom to purchase “Soapy Soles.” (Less than 10 bucks from Amazon!) And Paul has a post-marathon toenail update.

There’s more toilet trash talk in this episode. Tom’s about to tinker with Paul’s old green tank. If only he could fix himself so easily. Dr. Poteet diagnoses Tom’s recent symptoms as a condition called GERD. Haven’t you heard? GERD is the word!

“I’m like the Michael Moore of toilets.”
“Steel orbs inside a blanket of electricity.”
“I bend over backwards giving you credit.”
“It’s like a little automated car wash for your feet!”
“You strap yourself in, load the batteries, and you’re off to the races?”

Today’s Podcast is sponsored by Hare Chevrolet.

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