Who Am I?

There wasn’t anyone advising that you “brand yourself” when I started paulpoteet.com in 1998. I just thought it would be a good idea to own my name and my presence online.

My strategy in media has always been the same – emphasize my personality as much as possible in any situation to try and cut through the clutter of other people offering similar services. That’s even more important now, with the advent of other New Media sources that are trying to jockey for attention. Old Media isn’t going away, but it will be forced more and more to compete for eyes and ears. My unique selling proposition is that I have significant equity in all types of media.

The advent of the internet and readily available data means that simply providing the information the Weather Service provides (which btw I think is vital) has now become more of a commodity than it used to be, and that means the value is not as great. You have to add your own value, whatever that may be.

I started as a disc jockey in Huntington and Fort Wayne Indiana in 1979 and was first on the air in Indy when I was a teenager on Q95 in 1982. I first did weather in on TV in 1986 for Channel 4. I’ve always done radio while doing television. I also began doing voiceovers and corporate narrations in the early 80s and still do them today for places like Family Leisure (in Indy and around the country), Unique Home Solutions, and dozens of companies as varied as Scotty’s Brewhouse and Eli Lilly who use me on non-broadcast productions. I also represent companies specifically as endorser, such as spots I do now for LeafGuard on various radio stations. You’ve heard me during dolphin shows at the Indianapolis Zoo, and I may have hosted some banquet or fundraiser you’ve attended over the years.

IU basketball rubbed off on me at Channel 4 – I produced and syndicated sports shows with Ted Kitchel and Steve Alford in the late 80s and early 90s while doing some radio talk and some DJ-ing from time to time. I returned to the TV weather maps in the early 90s on the weekends in Lafayette. I ended up managing the Indianapolis office of Metro Traffic in the mid 90s and had to replace our employee who did traffic reports on WRTV. The next time they had a weather opening I was asked if I’d like to do tv weather again. I ended up being on Channel 6’s morning show for almost 15 years, and I spent several years in studies to become a meteorologist while there.

I met up with a kid named Tom Davis while at Channel 6 and we produced a couple hundred short videos called “Off The Cuff” that attracted many clicks and started a long-time collaboration that culminated with a series of podcasts.

I’ve also done feature reporting for WTHR. I co-hosted a nationally syndicated magazine show called “Pet Pals TV” with Patty Spitler for five years. I am now a contributor to Patty’s Boomer TV show, and a member of WISH-TV‘s Storm Track 8 Weather Team.

The radio weather service began in 1993 and has never stopped. I’m on Indy’s Freedom 95 (AM & FM), WERK in Muncie, WQME in Anderson, along with WYRZ and XRB radio in Hendricks County. I spent 17 1/2 years with WZPL, including 13 years as a cast member on the “Smiley Morning Show.” The formats are all over the map – from News/Talk to Contemporary Christian music to Classic Hits.

After leaving WRTV in 2009 I knew I needed to also offer visual weather. I do twice-weekly recreational and weather summaries for visitmysmokies.com, a company that promotes tourism in the Smoky Mountains. I do the same weekly for Visit Anderson/Madison County.

In addition to diversifying within media, I’m also diversified outside of it. Two years ago I purchased a business run for years by my friend, the late Cliff Nicholson, who was also a meteorologist on WISH and WTHR. “Weather History Research” provides data on past weather events, primarily to insurance companies around the country.

If you are still awake and want to know even more about me, click here for an earlier version of a bio.