Hamilton County Forecast

January 11, 2019

Today: Partly sunny. Clouds will thicken up in the afternoon. Wind: SE 2-7 mph. High 35.
Tonight: Snow after midnight. Low 26.
Saturday: Snow likely. High 33.
Saturday Night: Snow showers. Total accumulation of 3-6 inches. Low 27.
Sunday: Cloudy, with a few snow showers in the morning. High 32.
Sunday Night: Mostly cloudy. Low 19.
Monday: Partly sunny. High 31.
Monday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 19.
Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 37.
Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 25.
Wednesday: Mostly cloudy. High 37.
Wednesday Night: Mostly cloudy. Low 25.
Thursday: Mostly cloudy. High 36.

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