Indiana’s Weather For Wednesday

March 14, 2018

The wind won’t be quite as gusty today, with the possible exception of areas around Muncie and Richmond, as shown here.

Had some spring-like activity yesterday, but it was snow squalls, not thunderstorms. They piled up quickly in scattered spots! Visibility dropped to 1/2 miles for about five minutes at the Indy Airport. There was 0.4 inches of snow, which ALMOST gets us to 10 inches for the season lol. The average by now is 24.7 inches.

Yesterday’s high was 41 in Indy. My forecast was 39.

The average high today is 51 and the average low is 32. Records are 81 (2012) and 10 (1891). The sun rises at 8:00am and sets at 7:50pm.

Today: Partly to mostly sunny. West wind gusting to 25 mph. High 42.

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 30.
Thursday: Partly to mostly sunny. High 48.
Thursday Night: Mostly clear. Low 25.
Friday: Partly to mostly sunny. High 41.

Friday Night: Rain and snow shower chances late. Low 27.
Saturday: Mostly cloudy. Scattered rain and snow showers. High 47.

Saturday Night: Scattered rain and/or snow showers early, then partly cloudy. Low 32.

Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 55.

Sunday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 37.

Monday: Scattered showers. High 53.

Monday Night: Rain and/or snow showers. Low 32.

Tuesday: Chance of snow and/or rain showers. High 46.

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