Indiana’s Weather For Wednesday

November 22, 2017

Here’s something to be thankful for…a chart of expected precipitation totals for the next five days. We don’t need any; we don’t expect any. The expectation exception would be the northern third of Indiana, where there could be light showers Friday night.

Pretty nice holiday weather coast-to-coast. (Click chart to enlarge.)

Yesterday’s high was 54 in Indy. My forecast was 51.

The average high today is 49 and the average low is 33. Records are 74 (1900) and -5 (1880). The sun rises at 7:38am and sets at 5:25pm.

Today: Partly sunny and colder. Wind: NW 5-10 mph. High 38.

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 27.
Thanksgiving Day: Partly sunny. High 43.
Thursday Night: Mostly clear. Low 30.
Friday: Mostly sunny. High 53.

Friday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 41.
Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 50.

Saturday Night: Mostly clear. Low 28.

Sunday: Partly sunny. High 40.

Sunday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 31.

Monday: Mostly sunny. High 49.

Monday Night: Mostly clear. Low 40.

Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 54.

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