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Paul & Tom-A-Thon

September 3, 2012


(Originally posted September 4, 2011.)

I volunteered and donated to the Jerry Lewis Telethon before I ever appeared on TV in one of those wacky/embarrassing/sometimes-uncomfortable “local cut ins.” I popped up many times as Random Radio Guy, then as Random TV Guy the first several years I was on Indy morning television. Even by then the “telethon” was a bit of a throwback, to a time when tv stations routinely did local non-news productions. And a throwback to when the audience knew Jerry Lewis for anything other than…a telethon. You could get always get a lot of mileage out of making fun of the ‘Thon, but at the end of the day (days) that’s a lot of money on that tacky tote board. So good for Jerry. But Show Biz is Show Biz, and no show lasts forever.

SO: if you’re looking for some wacky, sometimes uncomfortable entertainment over Labor Day, stay up with Paul & Tom! Follow me on Twitter or Facebook. I’ll be posting a classic P&T episode every hour from 7pm Sunday through 6pm Monday. And while you’re listening to the Paul & Tom-A-Thon, you can click here to quickly make a 21-century donation to MDA.

Hey Lady!

(Here are the episodes posted:)


7pm Sunday:

In #32 Tom talks pickles. Here is a man who takes time to savor the seeds, “flesh,” and skin of a Claussen.

8pm Sunday:

The episode opens with the Power Station & ends abruptly with a Power Failure. And Paul by himself. It’s the second most dramatic exit Tom’s ever made from a program.

9pm Sunday:

Paul doesn’t mind if you celebrate the death of Osama. He did. Tom is a bit more reserved. The boys move on from the terrorism of fanatics to the terrorism of being Tom Davis. P&T joined a bunch of other “celebrities” for a night of fun for Paul, and rejection for Tom.

10pm Sunday:

Mrs. Poteet always turns down requests to guest star on the radio, but she’s got an awesome Rodent Story to share.

11pm Sunday:

Paul ran the New York City Marathon, and now he runs his mouth for a nearly non-stop hour that leaves Tom speechless. From inspirational moments in the Firehouse at New York’s Ground Zero to more than you every wanted to know about Porta-lets.

Midnight Monday:

Paul & Tom explain the “quad box” and bring you Team Coverage of Black Friday. You get Shopping Mall Traffic, Post-Thanksgiving Food Talk, and a call to the Butterball Hot line.

1am Monday:

Paul explains why he is carrying Tom’s career: it’s “the choking thing.” Tom’s very good at reading people, much like The Amazing Kreskin. Paul thinks he’s pretty good at reading Tom, and calls him “aloof.”

2am Monday:

Make some room in your mind. This one’s deep. It all starts with Tom, who doesn’t think he’s crazy. Just sensitive, like a psychic. The topics of psychics and “the future” leads Paul to a rant about the pointlessness of knowing the future.

3am Monday:

On the fourth day of the fourth month the fourth Thomas Gerald Davis arrived. Tom calls from the Hospital Parking Lot in between baby boy bonding time. You’ll be happy to know the queasy, nauseous patient is fine. Oh, and so is Tammy.

4am Monday:

Paul & Tom were going to debate the Health Care Bill or gun control, but decided to bicker about Gift Cards for an hour. Paul calls Tom unstable and petulant. Tom pegs Paul as shameless, tacky, and cheap, not necessarily in that order.

5am Monday:

All of Tom’s, uh, afflictions are on display here. Wood, Michael Jackson, Scientology. Welcome to “Brookville Top 40″ on WOCD.

6am Monday:

A woman says she was too big for American Idol, and Tom says Drew Carey is too small for Price Is Right, and maybe some people were made to be big. Ready for an entire hour of food and fat talk? The latest P&T is Super-Sized and worth the wait.

7am Monday:

Tom’s afraid he’s fooling himself by staying busy doing something close to nothing..constantly processing Wood. Paul takes no chances, and actually does the Solid Fuel Acquisition Math.

8am Monday:

Dave Smiley of 99-5 WZPL is a special guest in a special show in a special secret room at the Conrad Hotel.

9am Monday:

Is it ok for a potential Idol to joke about a dead Idol who had a fiery “Pepsi Moment?” Joe Jackson says no, Paul says yes. Tom seems to agree, but this is a Tough Subject for a man who once opined “Michael Jackson is part of the fabric of my life.”

10am Monday:

Tom thinks it may be time to upgrade his body-scrubbing chemicals. He’s not suffering from BO, it’s more of a funk. Just another reason why The Long Shower is so important. And as you will learn in excruciating detail…after the shower…he dries himself VERY thoroughly.

11am Monday:

If you were a man, what is the WORST thing that could happen while a female nurse is performing a procedure in a sensitive area?

Noon Monday:

Is Tom Davis at The End? He’s contemplating his career, or lack of it, in P&T Show #94. RANDOM QUOTES: “I can’t tell you what its like to be me” “Obviously women go in cycles, but I think guys do, too.”

1pm Monday:

Paul & Tom went parking one time, but it’s cool–they were in a different state, and all they did was sleep. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever done on a Road Trip? Tom spent the night on a Rest Area sidewalk one time. That would be during the Horse Trailer Time Machine Incident.

2pm Monday:

I think Tom Davis is gonna be one of those “hovering parents.” We argue about the age when a Dad should stop going to a public restroom with his daughter.

3pm Monday:

This episode is an accident you can’t turn away from. Tom tells a story about what he killed, and how he killed it. But exactly what was it? Paul once created carnage with a lawn mower. And the recent death of a “Jackass” has The Boys wondering: Do you deserve a scorn-free life?

4pm Monday:

Tom had TWO social FAILS in a row at a recent celebrity-studded event. While Paul mingled his guts out, his co-host was making horrible first impressions with former Pacer Scot Pollard and Indy Car team owner Sarah Fisher.

5pm Monday:

Tom talks toilets in #49, and he talks at some length. So get comfortable. Sit down. He will, but that’s just to keep the noise down. He doesn’t want to be judged on the sound of his stream. Paul doesn’t think there’s a stream/size connection.

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