Indiana’s Weather For Sunday

September 2, 2012

Some good news for your sump pump: the weather for Labor Day Weekend 2012 will NOT be like the weather for Labor Day Weekend 2003, although there will be periods of showers today, with heavy rain possible at times.

Rain through early morning Sunday (see attached chart) has been heaviest in north central and southwestern Indaian, where up to three inches fell.

Just over three inches fell near Marion, in Grant County. Totals were also over an inch in Lafayette, and parts of Marion and Hamilton counties.

Saturday rain was a drag at Lucas Oil Raceway, and storms delayed the start times of shows at Klipsch and Conner Prairie, but both venues were able to finish fine later in the evening.

You’ll have to continue with the Doppler Double Check today, but it still looks quieter for Labor Day itself, although the chance of showers will continue.

Final storm totals from the leftovers of Isaac will range widely from around one to four inches across most of the state. Dry air ate into the Indiana remnants of the storm Saturday, and the widespread 4-7 inches totals have been confined to Illinois.

Widespread flooding is not expected, and the holiday record of all-time Indianapolis rain will not fall. That happened on Labor Day 2003, when Indianapolis measured 7.2 inches. That broke a record that more than 100 years old, and hopefully another 100 years will go by before it’s threatened again.

The average high today is 82 and the average low is 62. Records are 100 and 45. Sunrise time is 7:15 and sunset is 8:14.

The actual high yesterday was 82. The forecast was 80.

7 (Very high.)

“Low” today, then a little worse every day. “Medium” on Monday, “medium-high” Tuesday, and “high” by Wednesday.

Today: Periods of showers, with some heavy rain possible. Some thunder also possible. High 78.

Tonight: Periods of showers, and maybe some thunder. Low 70.

Labor Day: A chance of showers and storms. High 83.

Monday Night: A slight chance of showers and storms. Low 71.

Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 87.

Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 69.

Wednesday: Partly sunny, with chances of showers and storms. High 86.

Wednesday Night: Chance of showers and storms. Low 67.

Thursday: Partly cloudy. High 80.

Thursday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 58.

Friday: Partly sunny. High 78.

Friday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 59.

Saturday: Partly sunny. High 76.

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