Indiana’s Weather For Monday

August 27, 2012

Two very different type of rain threats in our forecast. The first comes today, associated with a plain ol’ cold front.

Threat number two is Isaac. Indiana could get into Tropical Trouble just in time for a holiday weekend.

The biggest threat for the Gulf Coast will come Tuesday and Wednesday. Early Monday morning finds Isaac in the Gulf, looking a bit more organized, but not having strengthened much overnight. Get continuing coverage of Isaac from the STAR’s sister publication,, and directly from the National Hurricane Center at

Hurricane and tropical storm leftovers can certainly hit Hoosiers.

The south and southeast parts of Indiana got up to five inches of rain via the remnants of Hurricane Katrina, almost exactly seven years ago this week. The state experienced its wettest tropical system in 1957 with the arrival of Hurricane Audrey. Rockville reported 8.87 inches of rain from that one.

The leftovers from “Bob” in 1979 brought 5.72 inches to Edwardsport. BTW: Bob was the first storm to be given a male name since 1952 when the the Joint Army/Navy Phonetic Alphabet was replaced with female names.

I’ve attached Indiana rainfall/track maps from Bob, Katrina, and Ike. Ike brought no big rain to central Indiana, but it did cause considerable damage via 50-70mph wind gusts.

Even though we are forecasting Labor Day weekend rain, we are not expecting to top Labor Day 2003. That’s when over 8 inches of rain caused extensive Indiana flooding. Indy’s 7.20 inches set the record for most rainfall in a 24 hour period.

Nothing like that today. The cold front will clear the state later this evening. Rain will end from late morning northwest of Indianapolis to late afternoon southeast of Indy. Three delightful days will follow, before we start following Isaac (possibly) around here.

Yesterday’s actual high was 87. The forecast was 89.

The average high today is 84 and the average low is 63. Records are 97 and 48. The sunrise time is 7:09 and sunset is 8:23. That’s three minutes less daylight than the day before.

7 (High.)

Rain has helped lowered the count to “medium” today, but it will return to “high” Tuesday through Thursday.

Today: Periods of morning showers and thunderstorms. A chance of afternoon showers or storms, especially south and east of Indy. High 82.

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 61.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 83.

Tuesday Night: Clear. Low 59.

Wednesday: Hot and sunny. High 86.

Wednesday Night: Clear. Low 59.

Thursday: Mostly sunny and hot. High 87.

Thursday Night: Mostly clear. Low 66.

Friday: Partly to mostly cloudy. Slight chance of showers and storms. High 87.

Friday Night: Chance of showers and storms. Low 70.

Saturday: Mostly cloudy. Chance of showers and storms. High 80.

Saturday Night: Slight shower and storm chance. Low 69.

Sunday: Partly sunny. High 83.

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