Indiana’s Weather For Wednesday

August 15, 2012

We’re now halfway through a month that has put the brake on the “bake.” The month that has slowed the seemingly endless sizzle of the Summer of 2012.

Consider this:

Indy just wrapped up five consecutive days of below normal temperatures, for the first time this year!

Evansville also just wrapped up five consecutive days of below normal numbers. That’s only happenend once before this year,in the first half of February.

In South Bend, eight of the first fourteen days of the month have been below average.

We’ve also gone to work on the deficit. And in an election year, no less! The Indy rainfall number halfway through the month of August is 4.20 inches, more than other month this year (already) and more than twice the normal month-to-date figure of 1.40 inches.

HOWEVER. Steve Wood writes: “First, thanks for your excellent and entertaining weather forecasts. I noticed your justifiable sense of joy over recent rains in central Indiana. But sadly, we’re still in a full drought in Sullivan and surrounding counties. A local Weather Underground station reports just 0.68 inch of precipitation to date in August. So…we’re happy for those receiving good rains, but we’re still in a drought here. Please don’t forget us.”

While we’re thinking of areas south west of Indy, let’s move to Bloomington, where it’s move-in time.

A twitter follower, @pjhults writes: “@PaulPoteet How’s Bloomington’s weather for today? 11,000 students moving in! Hope it’s nice.”

It should be. Not too hot or humid, and some sun after a morning fog. (Will any of the students be awake for it?) High around 87 today.

It hasn’t been too humid for the first half of August, but it will be a bit stickier Thursday. Only for a day. A cold front focuses rain and storm chances on Indiana Thursday afternoon and evening, with a slight risk for severe weather.

Behind that front – a nice stretch for the start of the second half. Several days in the seventies!

And speaking of the 70s, if any of you IU students need furniture, I think me and Mrs. P. have a yellow beanbag chair in the attic. Five bucks, “or best offer.”

The average high today is 84 and the average low is 65. Records are 96 and 45. Sunrise time is 6:58 and sunset comes at 8:41.

The actual high temperature yesterday was 80. The forecast was 80.

8 (Very high.)

“High” today through Friday, and “medium-high” on Saturday.

Today: Partly sunny and warmer. High 86.

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 66.

Thursday: Partly to mostly cloudy, a little more humidity, and a chance of afternoon showers and storms. A few could be severe. High 88.

Thursday Night: Showers and storms, possibly severe in the early evening. Low 66.

Friday: Slight chance of morning showers and storms. Becoming partly sunny by afternoon. High 77.

Friday Night: Clearing and cooler. Low 56.

Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 75.

Saturday Night: Mostly clear. Low 54.

Sunday: Partly cloudy. High 75.

Sunday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 57.

Monday: Partly cloudy. High 78.

Monday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 57.

Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 81.

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