Recent Rains & Large Hail

August 11, 2012

Rain in the past 5 days has dented the drought. Hail Thursday night dented some cars, especially around Plainfield. Egg-sized hail fell on some. The picture at the top of this post is from Facebook friend Jackie Smith Sanders. Here’s another shot from Twitter follower @sylvia-g-miller.

The Storm Prediction Center reported that corn and soy beans were “completely stripped and flattened” for a five miles stretch in Dunn County, Wisconsin. Same thing happened in Winneshiek county Iowa.

With Thursday’s rain, August is already the second wettest month of 2012. Indy measured another 1.47 inches Thursday, AFTER .94 inches Wednesday night. We are almost 3 inches above average for the month, with a total of 3.92 inches.

Only the month of March, with 4.14 inches, is higher.

There were a couple of tornado warnings, but no confirmations via the Weather Service.

Here’s an updated map with an estimate of precipitation the last week: (Click here for the full size version.)

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