Southwest Indiana Soaked Again

August 3, 2012

Storms Thursday night in southern Indiana racked up big precipitation totals. Click here for the full size radar rain analysis.. Evansville’s Airport measured 2.31 inches. Most of that came in one hour. That’s the biggest one-day total in Evansville this year. It was almost as much as the city got the entire month of July, and more than they’d measured in the months of April, May, and June.

This all came just two nights after the southwestern Indiana town of Oakland City today was struck by large hail and damaging winds.

People were lining up for the parade that kicks off the “Sweet Corn Festival” in the Gibson county city, but were forced to suddenly scramble once baseball-sized hail began to strike. No serious injuries have been reported.

Damaging winds from Oakland City to Mackey destroyed a barn, damaged roofs, and uprooted numerous trees. Roads were blocked by debris, including State Route 57. The severe storms continued south across Warrick County, where golf-ball size hail and tree damage was reported from Chandler to Newburgh. The severe storms continued south between Henderson and Owensboro, producing strong winds and hail.

Oakland City is a little north/northeast of Evansville. (Click for pictures posted by Bo McFall and Jason Davis to Evansville’s WFIE TV Facebook Page.)

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