Indiana’s Record Breaking July

August 2, 2012

It’s August already!

So, where did Summer go? My answer: “into the record books.”

The Weather Service confirms we just wrapped the hottest month for *average* temperatures in Indianapolis since they started keeping the books in the late 1800’s. When you average all the lows and highs…you get 84.0 degrees. The old record was 82.8 from July 1936.

We also broke the record for hottest high temperature average: a sizzling 95.6 degrees. The old record? From 1936,of course, when it was 93.7 in July.

More records? How about 28 days of 90-degree weather in one month? The old record was 25 days, from July 1901.

And it was just the “highs” – it was the “lows”… Indy went 22 days (June 28-July 19) without dropping below 70 degrees. The old record was 20, from 1921. Indy had an 81 degree low one morning!

The hottest stretch of the month for central Indiana began on Independence Day as temperatures surged into the lower 100s, providing many locations with one of the warmest Fourth Of Julys on record. This began a string of four days with temperatures topping out above the century mark, highlighted on the 6th and 7th by highs that reached 105 and 106 degrees in many locations. In Indianapolis, the official high of 105 on both the 6th and 7th came within one degree of tying the all-time record high of 106 degrees, set on July 22, 1901, July 21, 1934, and July 14, 1936.

Temps topped out in triple digits a few more times between the 17th and 25th. We’ve had 9 such days so far. The record is 12, from the Dust Bowl summer of 1936.

The average annual temperature factors in both highs and lows, and through July it’s 58.7. degrees. That’s the warmest on record to this point in a year.

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