Tuesday Rainfall Totals

July 25, 2012

This is a USA precipitation chart with a circular arc of rainfall Tuesday, relative to the big dome of hot high pressure in the mid to upper atmosphere. Yesterday’s precipitation positioning favored areas north and east of Indianapolis. There was .91″ of rain in Fort Wayne, .74″ in South Bend, and .47″ in Muncie. Just a lonely little “trace” at the Indianapolis Airport. (Full size version.)

With this Ring…I promise you little rain hope today. The Ring, and center of heat, actually moves north again. A better chance comes tomorrow, as that upper air pattern relaxes enough to let another cool front through. The regime change may not be peaceful. There’s a slight risk of severe weather Thursday. Showers and storms could linger into some of Friday, but our world will dry out Friday evening (just like last weekend) and be much more comfortable this weekend. Start your engines!

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