Indiana’s Weather For Sunday

July 15, 2012

Some saw showers Saturday, but the upper air support for that stuff seems to have moved on for Sunday. I doubt anything beyond a pop-up storm will darken our doppler doorstep today. That’s probably only going to happen southeast of the city during the afternoon hours.

The precip totals were streaky yesterday. Totals peaked just to the north/northeast of Metro Indy. Over two inches fell in South Bend as a storm sat over Michiana! That’s more than South Bend had in the month of June.

Rain was also steadier in southern Indiana. The Evansville regional Airport recorded .34,” but of course the Drought is even worse down there. Bloomington meaured .16″ of an inch. Indianapolis? A trace. (Sad Trombone music.)

Oh, btw: The “streak” ended yesterday. The official Indianapolis Airport high was 89, so the 90+ stretch stopped at 17 days. When I asked online if folks wanted to start another one, the reaction was swift: @Indy_Gator tweeted “@PaulPoteet sure. How about a streak of 70s?.” Jason Kohlmann on Facebook wrote “How about a seven day streak of rain?”

Another streak starts today, as highs should easily pass 90. It might get close again by next weekend, but I think the trend will stay above normal through the end of the month. We may not break a record this year for consecutive 90 degree days, but I bet we score high will total number of 90’s. Here are a few years by comparison:
1983—-> 58 days (the current record)
2012—-> 28 days (so far!)
AVERAGE—-> 17 days
2008—-> 6 days (what?)
2004—-> no days! (what the what?)

A solar flare which erupted on the sun last week and it’s creating opportunities to see the Aurora Borealis into the northern tier of the United States this weekend. I saw some Twitter chatter early this morning from sucessful skywatchers, but they were all from around Duluth, Minnesota. And Alaska. (They are NORTHERN Lights, after all.) That prompted me to ask if any Hoosiers saw them. I got a note from @MikeHamernik, a WGN Chicago Radio/TV Meteorlogist who says “@PaulPoteet I saw a faint display (green-white) near New Buffalo MI (just north of the IN border) at 4:50AM EDT.” The sky should be more conducive tonight, with mostly clear conditions expected.

The average high today is 85 and the average low is 66. The records for today are 103 and 51. Sun rises at 6:30 and sets at 9:12.

Becoming partly sunny. Partly to mostly sunny around Lafayette and South Bend.
Scattered shower/storm still possible this afternoon in Q102-land (Evansville.) Muggy.
Highs: 90 South Bend | 94 Lafayette | 89 Muncie/Marion | 90 Anderson | 92 Indianapolis | 89 Evansville

Yesterday’s forecast high was 90. The actual high was 89.

9 (Very high.)

“Low-medium” today and tomorrow. “Medium” Tuesday, and “low-medium” Wednesday.

Today: Becoming partly sunny. A pop-up shower/storm is possible in the afternoon, mainly southeast of Indy. Humid high of 92.

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 73.

Monday: Mostly sunny. High 94.

Monday Night: Mostly clear. Low 75.

Tuesday: Partly sunny. High 95.

Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 77.

Wednesday: Partly sunny, with a slight shower and storm chance. High 95.

Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy, with slight shower and storm chances. Low 73.

Thursday: Partly sunny. High 91.

Thursday Night: Mostly clear. Low 69.

Friday: Mostly sunny. High 91.

Friday Night: Mostly clear. Low 68.

Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 90.

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