The Dave Smiley-Jim Morrison Connection

July 4, 2012

Jim Morrison. David Scott Smiley. One left, one arrived on July 3, 1971. The Doors dude was found in a bathtub, dead at the age of 27. Meanwhile, Pastor and Nancy Smiley were celebrating a bouncing (it never stopped) baby boy.

The number one song that weekend (it was a Saturday) on American Top 40 was “It’s Too Late,” by Carole King. Is this guy OLD, or what? Just before America celebrates it birthday every year…so does Dave Smiley. (America is only 195 years older.)

It’s been my pleasure to work with David for over 10 years on WZPL, and he also guested on a memorable PAUL AND TOM SHOW, speaking candidly about his Gig. Listen to that one by clicking here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!

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