Indiana’s Weather For Sunday

July 1, 2012

Welcome to July! For the first time in the last three days we might NOT hit the record books today. But it’s still hot, and that won’t change for at least a week.

The upper level ridge has moved just a little farther south over the weekend. Once again today – as storms move across the top of that “ring of fire” – scattered showers and storms are possible. The south also has a shot. In fact the morning began with some storms in southeast Indiana. Any storm has the potential to become severe.

The little bit of rain the Indianapolis Airport measured Friday will keep the month of June from being THE driest month ever. But it’ll still be the driest June ever. The total was 0.09 inches. The average precipitation for June is 4.25 inches. The old record was 0.36 inches in June 1988. The driest month overall on record is March 1910, with 0.07 inches.

Through June 28, there were 24 consecutive days without measurable precipitation at Indianapolis. This is a record for June and is the longest period without measurable precipitation since 1983. This is a relatively rare phenomenon for the Indianapolis area, occurring only 10 other times since records began in 1871. The record number of consecutive days without measurable precipitation is 39 days, set from August 14 -September 21, 1908.

And of course, we went into the temperature record books a couple of times the last few days, surpassing marks from the 1950s and 1930s!

The record high monthly temperature for June at Indianapolis was broken on June 28 when the temperature at Indianapolis reached 104 degrees. This temperature was the warmest temperature at Indianapolis in nearly 58 years. The last time the Indianapolis area reached 104 degrees was on July 14, 1954.

A new record high for June 29th was set when the temperature reached 103 degrees.

This is the first time since 1934 that a June at Indianapolis has had at least 2 consecutive days of high temperatures in the triple digits. The only other time this happened in June was on 3 consecutive days from June 27-29, 1934. Overall, the last occurrence of back to back 100 degree days was July 8-9, 1988.

The record high temperature of 97 was tied on June 30. The record was originally set in 1913 and tied in 1933.
The number of 90 degree days in May and June was 15, the most for that time period since the Great Drought of 1988 which had 17. The record for May and June is 19 days set in 1934.

The earliest the temperature has ever reached 100 degrees at Indianapolis was June 2, 1934. The all time record high for Indianapolis for any month is 106 degrees. The last occurrence of 105 and 106 degree readings was on July 14, 1936.

93 South Bend
93 Muncie/Marion
95 Lafayette
94 Anderson
95 Indianapolis
106 Evansville

The average high today is 85 and the average low is 66. Records are 97 and 48. Sunrise time is 6:21 and sunset is 9:17.

7 (High.)

The count stays “low-medium” through Tuesday.

Today: Partly sunny, hot and humid. Scattered showers and storms, mainly Indy northward. High 97.

Tonight: Partly cloudy, with a slight shower and storm chance. Low 75.

Monday: Partly sunny, hot and humid. Scattered showers and storms possible. High 97.

Monday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 74.

Tuesday: Partly sunny, hot and humid. High 98.

Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 76.

Independence Day: Partly sunny, hot and humid. High 95.

Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 75.

Thursday: Partly sunny, hot and humid. High 94.

Thursday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 74.

Friday: Partly sunny, hot and humid. High 95.

Friday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 74.

Saturday: Partly sunny, hot and humid. High 96.

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