Indiana’s Weather For Wednesday

June 13, 2012

Beautiful blue sky again today, with the biggest difference being a cooler start. Think “50s” instead of “60s.” Relative humidity levels are WAY down again. With the expected afternoon heat, and deepening drought, small fires will again be a concern.

The Indy rain total for the month so far? Are you ready? Drumroll! Five-one-hundredths of an inch. The total for the year is 15.11. We would normally be to 19.11 inches by now, and last year we’d just passed 25 inches after a stormy spring.

I’ve attached a map from NOAA
that shows how much precipitation would be needed to get us out of drought. The heart of central Indiana would need a whopping 6-9 inches. It’s even worse to the north and southwest. The northern third of the state would require 9-12 inches, and southwest Indiana would 12-15 inches!

Here’s one good thing about 2012. No big severe weather numbers, at least in central Indiana.

2011: 72 tornadoes in Indiana. Central Indiana total: 18.
2012 so far: 23 tornadoes in Indiana. Central Indiana total: 3.

Expect a strawberry storm on the Circle tomorrow. No weather problems for that annual Monument Circle event, or for the Meridian-Kessler Home & Garden Tour this weekend. Humidity levels will be creeping up again by the weekend. Some computer models hinted at slight shower chances Sunday and Monday, but I’m not buying that (or any of the Meridian-Kessler homes) at this time.

It IS active to the west. Stormy stuff is possible from North Dakota down to Texas today. Hail piled up over 4 inches deep in New Mexico last night. The High Park Colorado fire is now the third largest in that state’s history. Over 43,000 acres are affected.

It’s the last day of wet weather in the northeast for awhile, and it’s still unsettled in Florida.

The average high today is 82 and the average low is 62. Records are 95 and 45. Sun rises at 6:17 and sets at 9:14.

8 (Very high.)

Indy is in the “low” category today and tomorrow, and “low-medium” Friday and Saturday.

Today: Sunny. High 79.

Tonight: Clear. Low 53.

Thursday: Sunny. High 84.

Thursday Night: Clear. Low 59.

Friday: Sunny and warmer. High 89.

Friday Night: Mostly clear. Low 64.

Saturday: Mostly sunny. High 90.

Saturday Night: Mostly clear. Low 66.

Sunday: Partly sunny. High 90.

Sunday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 67.

Monday: Partly sunny. High 88.

Monday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 66.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 88.

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