Indiana’s Weather For Friday

June 1, 2012

Not enough.

June begins with a continuing rain deficit. That deficit was dented, but just a little, by a low pressure system still snaking through the Midwest today, starting the morning in Ohio, ending up north of Detroit by tonight. As it pulls away Indianapolis should get some sunshine later in the day, which will begin with clouds and maybe a patchy shower or period of drizzle.

Winds will gust up to 25mph today, and it’ll be a chilly wind by first-of-June standards. Today’s forecast high of 62 would give us the coolest day in over a month – since April 29, to be precise.

The average for May Indianapolis precipitation is 5.05 inches, and we only managed 2.70. I counted measurable precip on only 6 days in May.

And About Last Night…here are totals through early Friday morning:
.14″ Indy Airport
.22″ Eagle Creek Airpark
.38″ Lafayette
.20″ Terre Haute
.19″ Bloomington
.16″ Muncie

There was .68″ in South Bend, and totals were also much higher in southeastern Indiana.

The average Indianapolis temperature for the month of May ended up at 68.8 degrees, good enough for a fifth-place tie on the list of hot ones.
70.7 1896
70.6 1977
69.8 1881
69.1 1962
68.8 2012
68.8 1918
68.8 1982

Some good news. For the first time since May 2005 there were any tornado-related deaths in the US.

The average high today is 78 and the average low is 58. Records are 96 and 39. The sunrise time is 6:19 and the sun sets at 9:07.

4 (Moderate.)

Cooler temps and a little rain have worked wonders with the numbers. Indy’s count is “medium” today and then “low-medium” for the weekend, before returning to “medium” Monday.

Today: Cloudy morning, with a stray shower possible. Otherwise: breezy and cooler, with some clearing late in the afternoon. High 62. Winds gusting to 25mph.

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 51.

Saturday: Partly sunny. Slight shower or storm chance. High 72.

Saturday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 56.

Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 79.

Sunday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 63.

Monday: Partly cloudy, with a slight shower or storm chance. High 80.

Monday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 60.

Tuesday: Partly cloudy. High 78.

Tuesday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 60.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy. High 77.

Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy. Low 59.

Thursday: Partly cloudy. High 80.

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