May 25, 2012

It’s Race Weekend and this Great Spectacle celebrates by discussing White Trash With Chainsaws. It’s amazing what people will go through just to open a beer.

And EVERY day is Carb Day when you’re a Junk Food Junkie. Tom wanted his Carbs for free via coupon, but is worried that a recent drive-through debate with the restaurant help led to secret spitting. Paul wants him to grow up and acknowledge his ridiculous paranoia, but instead…Tom (left) turns into a Big Boy. (And he DOESN’T do it the way Aunt Carol from New York wants him to.)

Maybe he’s not growing up, but he is growing old. Tom’s coming off a birthday that finds him pondering procedures for celebrating on Facebook. Paul used to aggressively celebrate viewer/listener birthdays. He was the Willard Scott of Facebook Weather. The episode closes with a discussion of restaurant cell phone etiquette. Gentlemen, stop your electronic engines!

“I blame it on processed food.”
“I will take a large number one.”
“My word economy is varnished to a high sheen.”

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