Indiana’s Weather For Monday

May 14, 2012

It’s not often I get to do the entire IndyStar 7 Day Forecast with ONE icon, but that’s the way it looks for the moment: a string of mostly sunny days and mostly clear nights lasting through Pole and Bump days. If the temperature forecast holds the hot laps will be tempered by hot temps.

Mother Nature had the last word on Mother’s Day. Showers stayed just south of the Metro area, and the day was fine for most. The Indianapolis high temperature was 75 for both weekend days.

Next weekend will be much warmer, but not as warm as Yuma Arizona, which is going to 108 today. (But it’s a dry heat.) Death Valley in Cali? High of 113. Heat watches and heat warnings dot the weather map in southeastern California and southwestern Arizona. It’s the first stretch of excessive heat for the year. P.S. It’s not hot enough to break the record today in Yuma. That place is HOT! (But it’s a dry heat.)

Next door to Arizona, a slight risk of severe weather again today around eastern New Mexico and west Texas, but that’s also an area looking for rain to alleviate an ongoing drought. It doesn’t look much of a week for widespread severe weather.

If we WERE to see ANY precipitation this work week it would be be from an upper atmosphere trough (which is an elongated area of low pressure) moving through the Great Lakes Wednesday. But the best bet is that the front will wash out as it hits the dry air mass centered over the Ohio Valley. That’s right, it washes up because it’s dry. Confusing, huh?

Otherwise: that “sunshine” icon won’t have much company for at least a week. Maybe we’ll actually surpass a streak from March. We had a stretch of five 80 degree-plus days, and that is still the longest yet this year.

Today’s average high is 72 and the average low is 52. Records are 88 and 33. Sunrise is 6:32 and sunset is 8:51.

Today’s Index is 7, in the “High” category.

Indianapolis is in the “Medium-High” category again today, and stays there through Thursday.

Today: Becoming mostly sunny. High 76.

Tonight: Mostly clear. Low 53.

Tuesday: Mostly sunny. High 79.

Tuesday Night: Mostly clear. Low 57.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny. High 79.

Wednesday Night: Mostly clear. Low 56.

Thursday: Sunny. High 78.

Thursday Night: Mostly clear. Low 57.

Friday: Mostly sunny and hot. High 83.

Friday Night: Mostly clear. Low 59.

Saturday: Mostly sunny and hot. High 85.

Saturday Night: Mostly clear. Low 61.

Sunday: Mostly sunny. High 86.

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