Indiana’s Weather For Monday

May 7, 2012

This will be the wettest day of the work week. Up to an inch of precipitation is possible, with even higher amounts within thunderstorms. And those thunderstorms have a slight risk of going severe. The biggest threat will be damaging wind, and the biggest potential for that will be in the afternoon.

Flood warnings are on the map early for northwest Indiana, north of Lafayette. Parts of Newton, Jasper, and Benton counties recorded over an inch of rain between 3 and 4am earlier this morning. That part of the state is closest to the center of our Monday Moisture, an area of low pressure at the surface.

That low will finally move out of Illinois across northern Indiana to about Toldeo Ohio by evening. (If you’re doing a mental weather map: put the “L” right along the Indiana Toll Road.) The low will drag a cold front through the state, and put an end to the recent muggy spell. Humidity will fall tonight, and remain comfortable through the week.

Sunshine will be the Primary weather for tomorrow’s polling. Dry conditions, but that doesn’t mean mud won’t be flung!

Another upper level system brings a shower chance Wednesday. Best bets for the moment are the northern half of the state. That system will also spin some colder air our way for Wednesday and Thursday. We’re back to average Friday through the weekend. Early bets are that Saturday beats Sunday. (You would write that “Saturday>Sunday” on Twitter. LOL.)

Sunday is Mother’s Day, a traditional yardstick for green-thumb types to plant without fear of frost around here. I think that is probably a safe bet this year. We’ve got some nights in the 40s in the forecast, but nothing sub-freezing is on the horizon. The last official day below 32 in Indianapolis was on April 11…and YES, that’s a little early. Not as early as 1998, when it came on March 24. The average is April 17th. By the way, I woulda gotten a green thumb in eye from gardeners if I’d been on Earth in 1961. Indianapolis was down to 32 degrees on May 27th of that year! How did we ever convince Jim Nabors to come here from Hawaii for the Race?

Indianapolis is in the very low part of the “Medium-High” range today, but will be rising within that range through Thursday.

The average high today is 70 and the average low is 50. Records are 87 and 31. The sun rises at 6:38 and sets at 8:46.

Today: Showers and storms are likely. High 79.

Tonight: Chance of evening showers and storms. Low 57.

Tuesday: Partly to mostly sunny. High 74.

Tuesday Night: Mostly cloudy. Low 52.

Wednesday: Partly sunny. Chance of showers. High 69.

Wednesday Night: Mostly clear. Low 44.

Thursday: Mostly sunny. High 64.

Thursday Night: Mostly clear. Low 44.

Friday: Sunny. High 69.

Friday Night: Clear. Low 50.

Saturday: Partly to mostly sunny. High 72.

Saturday Night: Chance of showers. Low 54.

Sunday: Chance of showers. High 71.

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