Three Dick Clark Videos You Probably Haven’t Seen

April 23, 2012

“There’s a whole new scene out there” and Dick Clark calmly leads a bunch of teenagers to a new land of lava lamp cutaway shots and suddenly-upside-down-video. This is an awesome period piece of Grace Slick and Jefferson Airplane performing in front of what appears to be the haunted house from the opening of “Scooby Doo.”

Bonus: the lip syncing is followed by a mini-interview that ends with Dick getting bassist Bob Harvey to admit that a “hippie” might sell out for money. That was 18 years before the descendants of the Airplane released “We Built This City.” DJ, Host, Producer, Businessman, Psychic!

And lest you think it was always the Top 40 with DC, here’s an early appearance from “The Pink Floyd!”

Any time is a good time to see the genius of (Mayor) Adam West in tights, and here’s the Dynamic Duo + Dick.

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