You Should Have A Weather Radio

March 3, 2012

I had some questions just last week about severe weather Apps for smart phones. That’s a great use for your phone, but if you want the ultimate insurance I recommend spending a few bucks and buying a weather radio.

Maybe your phone isn’t charged. You might not be online or in front of a tv when warnings fly. You might be sleeping. You might not hear the sirens….anything can happen.

A NOAA Weather Radio can set off an audio alert that wakes you up if a warning is issued for your county. Make sure you buy one with “SAME Technology”, so you can program in only your county. Of course you want a model with a battery back up. Change the battery when you change the one in your smoke detector. Click here if you need a list of Indiana Weather Radio frequencies.

You can comparison shop all you like on line. Here’s one for about 40 bucks on Amazon. Simple!

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