May 20, 2011

The world is ending Saturday. Paul & Tom don’t expect to be left behind, but they realize many of their listeners may be stranded, so they wanted to say good bye in a special show Friday evening. Thanks to the help of MY 1079! P&T will be stationed in a special studio, taking your phone calls LIVE. You can listen via Ustream by clicking this link.

Think Tom is a whiny obsessive twit? Paul is a clown who will do anything for a buck? Now’s your chance to tell the boys to their face. Or at least, ears. Comment on any of the past 130+ Paul & Tom Shows, and wish the guys well in their next gigs in Heaven. Don’t let P&T leave you behind… without saying a proper farewell.

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Paul Poteet Dot Com | THE PAUL & TOM SHOW #137 from The Online Home Of Indiana's Weatherman
May 20, 2011 at 12:25 pm

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