February 2, 2011

Post image for THE PAUL & TOM SHOW #85

There’s some Groundhog Day, and some ice in #85, as Paul briefs Tom on the weather. Tom is more concerned with the Home City Ice in his drink. The prospect of power outages and a recent power hit at his house has Paul browsing generators. The topic of electricity leads to Tom fantasizing about electro-torturing Paul with a Taser.

Big Rig’s birthday party was the setting for the latest argument over Tom Davis III’s desire for a Tom Davis IV. Whatever his name is, he needs toys and Tom’s excited to be shopping for a boy.

Paul’s discussion of how “Second Life” played a role in the Egypt uprising leads to some tech talk. Neither of the Boys is on 4 Square, and Tom is barely on Twitter.

“My ice has a whole new kind of tinkle to it.”
“Who looks good at the top of the staircase?”
“Extra goodbyes? That’s how you make amends?”
“Anything you use over and over again will eventually need sterilizing”

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