December 17, 2010

Post image for THE PAUL & TOM SHOW #58

Tom had TWO social FAILS in a row at a recent celebrity-studded event. While Paul mingled his guts out, his co-host was making horrible first impressions with former Pacer Scot Pollard and Indy Car team owner Sarah Fisher.

Paul & Tom wrap up the show speaking of the amazing Agloves. These are the gloves you can wear and still use touch screen devices. Here’s a link to find out more, and order yourself a pair.

Listen to this episode to discover how you can win a $50 iTunes Gift Card and 4 McAlisters Deli VIP Cards good for a free lunch or dinner. You’ll only hear the details on this episode and you only have until Monday, December 20 to enter!

“I’m walking through the Mall. B-54!”
“How did you screw up Sarah Fisher?”
“Whatever I touch burns to the ground.”
“I feel like an animal that’s being tested.”
“She left a little bit of resin on the side of my neck.”

Today’s Podcast is sponsored by Hare Chevrolet.

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