December 7, 2010

Post image for THE PAUL & TOM SHOW #52

Welcome to Green Acres. Or Brown Acres by the time Tom is finished Burning Down The House. Oliver Wendell Davis III would like to be manly, but he fears he’s really more like Zsa Zsa Gabor. He explains why it is a Dirty and Disappointing Day. There are more wood woes with the would-be lumberjack. Speaking of manly men, how’s your grooming, dudes? Paul has never noticed David Letterman’s wrist hair, but somebody on the show doesn’t miss a trick.

Bonus moment: Tom explains what ELSE turns green in Spring, besides leaves.

Our Texas Road House Prize Package is back. You’ll need the special code word from episode 51, 52, 53, 54, and 55 to win 100 dollars in gift certificates. We’ll put the word near the start of the shows, and tell you how to enter during episode 55.

“You’re backed into an ashy corner.”
“You put a lot of stock in those fingers.”
“I have a chainsaw that doesn’t work right.”
“Maybe the wood is just not connecting with enough people.”
“There are chemicals in my nose that are rotting my brain.”

Today’s Podcast is sponsored by Hare Chevrolet. And by Texas Roadhouse on the east side. Listen to find out how to win 100 dollars worth of gift cards.

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